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Cloud Migration


Migration from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Enhanced Reliability and Performance

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Our client, a US-based customer, was experiencing persistent performance issues with their application hosted on the Heroku platform. The app's frequent crashes were affecting user experience and hindering business operations. To address these challenges, we recommended migrating the application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for improved reliability, scalability, and performance.


We proposed a migration strategy to transition the application from Heroku to GCP, specifically utilizing GCP's App Engine. The robust infrastructure of GCP reduced the likelihood of crashes and downtime, resulting in a more stable and reliable application. We implemented a streamlined deployment process using Github and Cloud Build. This allowed for automated, consistent, and error-free deployments, reducing the risk of human error during the deployment process.


The successful migration of the application from Heroku to GCP's App Engine has not only resolved the performance issues but also laid the groundwork for a more reliable and scalable platform. The implementation of CI/CD practices further ensures a streamlined and error-free deployment process. This transition empowers our client to deliver an exceptional user experience and sets the stage for future business growth and innovation.

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